Glendi Kitchen: Staple Foods and Ingredients for the Mediterranean Diet

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Here are some essential kitchen items that will have you cooking and eating like a true Mediterranean. Stick to these ingredients and notice the difference in your health, energy, and excitement for cooking! 
  • Cooking EVOO
    • Buy 100% extra virgin olive oil 
    • Brands rec: Whole Foods 365 100% California Small Batch (500mL)
  • Topping EVOO
    • High quality extra virgin olive oil that you will use to top off things like salad, fish, soup, etc. 
    • Brand rec: Kosterina 
  • Farro
    • Whole grain that cooks in under 10 minutes! Easy grain to serve alongside fish or chicken
    • Brand rec: Whole Foods 365
  • Zucchini
    • One of the easiest veggies to cook in a pinch! 
    • Glendi Tip: Invest in an airfryer for roasted zucchini ready in 5 minutes
  • Feta Cheese
    • Feta and other cheeses made from sheep or goat milk are less inflammatory. Look for Organic and whole fat cheeses! 
    • Glendi Tip: A simple side salad of farro, feta cheese, and roasted zucchini is the perfect summer staple! 
  • Salmon (Frozen or ideally Fresh!)
    • An easy and delicious protein full of Omega-3s 
    • Brand rec: Whole Foods sells flash frozen salmon in pre-packaged individual portions - great for lunch or dinner in a pinch!

 Stay tuned for more recipes that cook with these ingredients! 

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